> Welcome to REMAPLASTIC !
  • Our company comes dedicating from 1992 to the manufacture of machinery for confection of PE-PP's bags(stock exchanges) etc. Attending to a very wide market so much in the national like international area.

  • The technology that we apply is desenvoluped for highly qualified personnel and with long experience and knowledge in the design of machinery for industry of the plastic since they have experience of more than 30 years in the industry of the machinery.

  • In the present time and after the definitive closing of the company Dover Pack, we have been thinking opportune about extending our catalogue of made with machinery in which this company had be especialiado, for example:

    • Machines for the confection of bags(stock exchanges) of complex material, so much in straight like curved welds.

    • Machines for confection of forms (gloves of an alone use, cones of flowers, etc ...)

  • Likewise, they we inform about our disposition to attend to any type of demand on repositions of the machines that You. They possess and that were made by Dover Pack, as well as of any consultation of technical type and advice that You can to need.

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